Classes & workshops

Private classes

Would you like some advice on your upcoming act, improve a certain skill or learn to use a specific prop ? During these classes, Miss Anne Thropy will give you all the tips and tricks she learnt on and off stage for the past 12 years to help you improve as a burlesque performer.

Rates start at 50€/hour.

Bachelorette or birthday parties 

Would you like a burlesque workshop just for you and your friends on this special day ? Miss Anne Thropy will teach you everything you need to know to do your first burlesque routine : attitude, walking and moving in heels, shimmies, shakes, bumps and grinds, peeling techniques and an easy choreography !

Rates start at 250€.


Miss Anne Thropy offers the following workshops :

  •  Tassels and Assels (1 hour) :  Learn the basics of tassel and assel twirling in this simple, step by step workshop. A pair of nipple tassels is provided for each student.

  •  Boa choreography (1 hour) : Learn the basic boa moves, the art of reveal and a small choreography

  •  Tropical Temptress choreography (1 hour) : Explore retro latin rythms in two choreographies, a slow beguine and a fast paced mambo.

  •  Fan veil choreography (1 hour) :  Master the art of fan veil dancing on different rythms and how to use them in a burlesque routine.

All workshops are available for 3+ people at the rate of 20€/person, except Tassels and Assels at 35€/person.

For prop workshops (fan veil and boa), students can either bring their own, borrow from Miss Anne Thropy or order through Miss Anne Thropy.


CONTACT for more info or to book a class !


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Brussels, Belgium

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